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Watching the VP Debate

Posted by thelense on Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am currently watching the VP Debate on C-Span because I like my coverage unfiltered.

As a serious amateur journalist it is my job to be objective on things like Debates and such. And with that being said…


Biden was cool, could have conveyed his points stronger though

Personally, I think the debate was rather dull. Not worth watching on the set for sure. It seemed that Sarah Palin made up her own questions and her own answers. Gwin Ifill was just there to um.. Look professional and throw out random questions that were just for show. Biden didn’t win and Palin didnt lose. So I guess thats a sort of draw? Regardless of this debate Barack Obama is still kicking butt in Florida and thats all that matter! Swing state baby swing!

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Are You Serious?

Posted by thelense on Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gotta get some stuff off my chest again so here comes a new post. I was in my room vibing to music when I heard a loud bang. Being that i’m the only one in the apartment I went to investigate. I looked all around the kitchen and living room and didn’t see anything so I was like cool must have been hearing things. So I go back into my room and as I am walking back in I hear a knock on the door, I look out the peep hole and see a white girl standing on the other side. So I turn down my music and go open the door. When I open the door the white girl tells me “Could you please turn your music down, Its loud and my roomates would like you to turn it down”. Now this would have been a simple OK no problem if it wasn’t for one little thing. I asked the girl where she lived and she pointed up stairs which means she lives on the 3rd floor. It was at that point I got ready for my rebuttal. Now every day and night the apartment above me has loud banging, stomping, running, jumping, and just random noises. But me being the understanding college student I am chalks it up to just regular stuff that occurs in student living. At night when I try to go to bed they walk up and down the stairs outside yelling, screaming, drunk, and all types of foolishness. NOT ONCE have I ever asked them to quiet down or be “considerate” because its student living and loud noises kinda go with the territory. So for this girl to come to my apartment and act like the noise was SUCH A PROBLEM really floored me. I told her look I could have easily went to your apartment many times and complained about all the random noises I hear but guess what I DONT why? Because this is student living. Now the fact that she was complaining and its only 5pm on a friday really pissed me off. Its not like im blasting music at 3am on a tuesday night when people are trying to sleep or study. Its a pretty standard friday afternoon and no one is doing anything important. She even tried to justify the noises coming from her apartment above by saying “My roomate likes to run around”, I think in my head “and I like to listen to music” so whats the big deal? Before she walked away she said she would “try” to keep quiet upstairs. I tell ya the nerve of her. She lucky I am an halfway educated and rational black man because if I wasn’t I would have slammed the door in BECKY face.

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I’m Heated

Posted by thelense on Monday, September 22, 2008

It takes a lot to make me mad, and it takes even more to piss me off. But someone talking about my school? Someone talking about the Florida A&M University that I attend? Yeah that sets me off and brings my inner temperature to a good 140 degrees. Now I normally dont mind when close minded individuals who are usually black put down my school, but an incident tonight really took the cake. So imagine im talking to someone online and they tell me how their “friend” doesnt know why they want to attend FAMU. Personally the “friend” doesnt see whats so great about FAMU anyway. This “friend” would much rather attend Duke University. Now its all fine and well that you want to attend Duke, but what you will not do is put my school down in the process. I strongly feel that people are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. And the fact of the matter is that Florida A&M University is the number one school in america for black students. Maybe Duke is just hiding its numbers on its black graduate numbers? Whats really sad is when black people dont support black institutions. Its not even that FAMU necessarily needs the support of individual close minded black students, we are doing pretty darn well for the most part if you ask me. Most of these students wouldn’t even be able to walk on the campus of a duke university if it wasn’t for schools like FAMU breaking down barriers and showing that black students are capable of high scholastic achievement. Last time I checked FAMU has been accepting black students since 1887, which is over a 120 years. Duke University didnt admit its first black student until 1961 a little over 40 years ago. My FATHER IS FREAKING 40 years old.. thats a problem. But this “friend” doesn’t know whats so great about Florida A&M University? Maybe the fact that its been accepting and educating black students for over 100 years? Someone please tell me im dreaming. Sadly im not and this is the reality of the world we live in. But yeah just had to get that off my chest!!!!!

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