The Lens Of A FAMU Student

Only At FAMU… (Most Of The Time) Could This Happen!

What Is The Lens?

The Lens is a video blog I created documenting what I see and how I see things on the campus of Florida A&M University. Its essentially my perspective. I like to believe that what I see is what you (the viewers) get. I plan to update the site as often as my lens allows me to see and record things. So, I would like to thank you for stopping by and experiencing The Lens.

Lens: A channel through which something can be seen or understood.

Disclaimer: The Lens is not a gossip site. I will and do moderate all comments and will delete anything I deem inappropriate or irrelevant!

One Response to “What Is The Lens?”

  1. Hi. I’ve enjoyed looking at the videos on your blog. I attended the Convocation last week. I’m a student in the Higher Education Program at FSU and I’m doing a ppt presentation on the Founder’s Day Convocation experience. I was wondering, beyond videos, do you have access to any digital photos of the event? My classmate was in a hurry, so I wasn’t able to link up with any of the photographers there to get contact info. If you do, that would be great. I would also love to tell you more about why I’m doing this. 🙂


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