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FAMU Relay For Life Kick Off

Posted by thelense on Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On Monday, October 13th, 2008 Relay For Life held its Relay Kick Off event in the grand ballroom. The event was held to welcome the student body to Relay and register teams for the Relay event in the spring. The event was a great success. The chair and co chair spoke, there was a student performance, a survivor spoke, and a prize give away. A really touching video was shown showing just how serious cancer is and how it affects us all.  I encourage everyone to get on board with Relay For life! Cancer never sleeps people but Hope is Eternal! I was lucky enough to snag some time from the amazing Relay For Life event Chair and Co-Chair! Its a must watch you won’t want to miss it! Relay For Life going down March 27th & 28th, 2009 so mark your calenders!

Relay For Life Event Chair

Relay For Life Co-Chair

Student Performing Traditional African Dance

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2 Responses to “FAMU Relay For Life Kick Off”

  1. CerealKilla said

    yay! Couldnt make this but woot woot!

  2. Loren said

    this is great. being someone who has lost several people from cancer..i appreciate it.

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