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Coleman Library Rush Hour

Posted by thelense on Monday, October 6, 2008

I decided to see today if I could upload videos to my site using the libraries computers, since it gets boring waiting until I get home at the end of the day to do a post. Much to my surprise when I put my camera into the computer it worked! So this is my first post live from on campus. For some reason coleman library or as some people call “club coleman”, is really cold today. I thought about complaining to the library staff since keeping up fuss is always good fun, but my better judgment told me not to. It’d suck if they caught on to me and banished me from posting in the library again. Well my next class starts in roughly 10 minutes so im out of here!

Coleman Library

Good News: Not everyone was on facebook or uploading their blogs (like myself) some people were you know studying and stuff!

5 Responses to “Coleman Library Rush Hour”

  1. Jessica said

    People like you disappoint me… when I’m desperate to use the PC to print assignments, some of you guys are taking spots and always on Facebook!


  2. Loren said


  3. sean said

    I love this site. Please keep it up !!!

  4. NOYK said

    they have that email section for those who wish to print papers..
    the chairs are for those who want to sit down while checking their myspace/facebook/xtube..stuff like that

  5. Hot Girls said

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