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Rattlers SOS At Football Game

Posted by thelense on Sunday, October 5, 2008

If you didn’t graduate from FAMU or currently attend FAMU you may not know what the heck i’m talking about in this post. But that gives you even more of a reason to…

A. Send your kid to FAMU if you couldn’t attend

B. Attend if you can!

That way you can know what an SOS is and how you do it. Until then well if you don’t know you better ask somebody!


Note: Soultrain would not approve of anyone who doesn’t know this dance.

3 Responses to “Rattlers SOS At Football Game”

  1. DD said

    Well soultrain wouldn’t approve of me! Cause I went to FAMU and NEVER learned the dance…ohhh well =)

    p.s. I never liked soultrain anyway… that mean old man!

  2. Loren said

    soultrain wouldnt approve of me either. lol.

    but are we talking about the show or the man?

  3. what is your obsession with soultrain? lol

    idk the dance either though

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