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Watching the VP Debate

Posted by thelense on Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am currently watching the VP Debate on C-Span because I like my coverage unfiltered.

As a serious amateur journalist it is my job to be objective on things like Debates and such. And with that being said…


Biden was cool, could have conveyed his points stronger though

Personally, I think the debate was rather dull. Not worth watching on the set for sure. It seemed that Sarah Palin made up her own questions and her own answers. Gwin Ifill was just there to um.. Look professional and throw out random questions that were just for show. Biden didn’t win and Palin didnt lose. So I guess thats a sort of draw? Regardless of this debate Barack Obama is still kicking butt in Florida and thats all that matter! Swing state baby swing!


4 Responses to “Watching the VP Debate”

  1. DD said

    I’ll NEVER like her. She needs to go hunt some poor innocent animal and get off my TV screen =)

  2. rjjrdq said

    He, He,

  3. LaNa said

    Honestly she didnt do poor but she took the wrong attempt to this debate. One thing i liked about her was she engaged with audience and she spoke directly to us (americans) however, she didnt answer the questions that’ll make the American ppl feel safe.
    Bottom line Biden knew what he was talking about and he did it in a professional matter. His target for the debate was to tie the McCain and Obama race and he did an EXCELLENT job at it!

    Good Job BIDEN!……..OBAMA/BIDEN 08′

  4. Loren said

    Yes, Biden could have driven certain points home stronger but he did his job. He called her out on her lies and looked like the right man for to be this countries VP. I am not saying this because i am voting for them but he will do a wonderful job if GOD FORBID something happens to Barack.

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