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FAMU Career Center Fall 2008 Career Expo!

Posted by thelense on Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Had the opportunity to attend the FAMU Career Center Expo held at the Leon County Civic Center. I rode the shuttle to the event (it left me and I was stranded at the event until I found a ride back to campus). There were a lot of big companies in the building and it was definitely a good experience. From Proctor & Gamble to Walmart the companies were there talking to the best and brightest FAMU has to offer. The turnout was really good and overall the companies had some great information and opportunities to offer. I still feel the event was more geared towards traditional Business and Accounting but there was something for everyone if you knew where to look. I got approached by a lot of the companies and they told me about how I could use my degree to my advantage in their organization. I thought that was kind of cool. Eventually I gave out all my resumes and was burned out from “professionalism fatigue” so I had to take a seat.

YBP’s (Young, Black, Professionals) all over the place! I really hope a lot of FAMUANS snagged those jobs or internships they wanted!


One Response to “FAMU Career Center Fall 2008 Career Expo!”

  1. Loren said

    I wish i was there to get myself a job…oh well, i dont really care to work anyways.

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