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Rickards High School Fills In For Marching 100

Posted by thelense on Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Richards High School band had to fill in for the Marching 100 toay. The high school band was given the task of warming up the crow for the arrival of Future First Lady Michelle Obama. I mus say the high school ban really showed up and showed out. I really believe their band director is a former member of the Marching 100 because the band really bought it. From SOS to Damaged to Got To Be Real to Spolight the band played a slew of hits that kept the energetic crowd on its feet!

Job well done to Rickards High for holding it down!


2 Responses to “Rickards High School Fills In For Marching 100”

  1. Shante said

    YES they did the damn thing! Love their lil Wutang part. The lil boy that was in the middle was so cute, lol that drum was as big as him. They really had us going!

  2. CerealKilla said

    Oh ok here we are…They did a pretty good job…
    But standing—in the sun—3 songs would have been enough!!

    But the white girl in front doing the wutang—gotta love it!!

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