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Rattler Football Victorious Again

Posted by thelense on Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Florida A&M Rattlers were victorious again, winning the ATL Classic football game by defeating Tennessee State. I have to admit I am really proud of my football team. The Rattler Football team is really doing it big this year and I wish them continued success on and off the field! I also hope everyone makes it home safe from ATL!

Final Score: Rattlers (28) Tennessee State (21)


3 Responses to “Rattler Football Victorious Again”

  1. Loren said

    You should be proud! Those things are so cute but i can’t help but think of eve and the apple…

  2. Shante said

    ALL RIGHT FAMUUUU! LOL Ive never seen out mascot.

  3. هيئة المهندسين التجمعيين – corps des ingenieurs du parti du RNI

    This is my expert

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