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Dancing Moms Support Obama

Posted by thelense on Sunday, September 28, 2008

While the crowd prepared to hear from Jill Biden and Michelle Obama, the Rickards High School band kept us entertained. But while everyone else was watching the band I noticed this woman getting down to the music the band was playing. She was hitting the dance moves and just having a good time. I dont know if she is a mother or not but I imagined her to be a Dancing Mom For Obama lol.

I guess this is dancing parents for Obama because the dad holding the baby in the video was getting funky with it too!

4 Responses to “Dancing Moms Support Obama”

  1. Loren said

    LOL…the over the head clap is serious.

  2. Mr. K said

    Nice! Obama for your mamma! LOL.

    Say there is tight T-Shirt for sale at:

  3. Shante said

    getting downnn. lol

  4. CerealKilla said

    yes to Loren lol…

    That good ol’ cheerleader clap. ha!

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