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What Did The Parties Have To Say?

Posted by thelense on Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One of the coolest aspects of the political seminar was hearing from representatives from each of the two major parties. The sophomore class was able to secure two speakers to come discuss where the campaigns and the parties stood on certain hot button issues facing the country. There was a republican and a democrat and they both had some interesting things to say. After the republican spoke I was able to ask him a question (pertaining to why he thought fighting wars was more important than addressing domestic issues like poverty, education, economy, health care) and although he wasn’t able to answer it to my standard I still commend him on being passionate about his parties positions. He talked about dinosaurs though and that lost me lol.

Republican Speaker

Democrat Speaker

As far as who did a better job im going to go with the young man representing the DNC. The points he made wore more articulate and thought out. But a big thanks to both men for coming to the event.

2 Responses to “What Did The Parties Have To Say?”

  1. Loren said

    it is SO obvious that the democratic speaker is smarter and knows more! He actually thought about what he was going to say and was very crisp and clear. made great points.

    Thanks for filming the floating balloon! i appreciate it.

  2. CerealKilla said

    Thank you! I knew I wasn’t the only one that was somewhat befuddled on his relation between the oil and dinosaurs? lol. Oh well, and I definetly understood the Democratic speaker more.

    THIS BALLOON! That had my attention, sadly, for a good minute in a half.

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