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Only At FAMU… (Most Of The Time) Could This Happen!

Soultrain Spotted!

Posted by thelense on Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heard that FAMU’s coolest man was on campus so I made my way over to record (in a non stalker way). My apologies to the girl who was buying goods from soultrain, but you just kinda got in the way of history! But yeah here the old guy is selling those bib mamas and lil mamas (Famuans know the deal). Also I was walking and I heard him lecturing to some freshman girls about how he built a lot of stuff on FAMU campus and in the community and I have decided you are not an official rattler until you have heard that story!

Soultrain > John Mccain


3 Responses to “Soultrain Spotted!”

  1. Ashley said

    hmmm seems a bit stalkerish to me lol

  2. Shante said

    LOL, yo ass is a trip forreal.

  3. sean said

    Can you real name the “soultrain” video and post it again????

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