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Sophomore Class Presents “5/5ths of a Vote”

Posted by thelense on Wednesday, September 24, 2008

As stated earlier the sophomore class held a political seminar on campus titled “5/5th’s of a vote” and it got off to a really good start.  A young man started with a speech that awoke the crowd (if anyone was sleeping). As you will see they detailed what the event would be about and how it would flow.They were then followed by two young ladies who gave biographies on the two candidates running for President of the United States as well as their running mates.

Job well done!


2 Responses to “Sophomore Class Presents “5/5ths of a Vote””

  1. CerealKilla said

    Yes…on this if “you were not already sleeping” because I was on my way.
    SORRY. umm These presenters did an ok job–big ups to them!
    where ma home skillets @?

  2. CerealKilla said

    oh there! Great Job—Ms.Harvey and Ms.Brady…

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