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President’s Forum

Posted by thelense on Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I had the pleasure of attending the President’s Forum hosted by FAMU’s 10th President James Ammons. It was really a great experience and a gave me another reason to love Florida A&M University. I was a little upset at first because there was only about 15 students in attendance and that pisses me off because FAMU has about 12,000 students. I guess everyone was busy doing “more important things“. Where were all of the class presidents and vice presidents and students who complain about Financial Aid, Housing, Broken Sidewalks, and any of the other complaints people file against FAMU. Here was a chance for you to bring it to the HEAD MAN IN CHARGE and alas to many people missed out on that chance. But in more good news, President Ammons introduced his executive team (shouts out to Dr. Cynthia Hughes Harris) and continued to lay out his vision for FAMU which includes increasing enrollment and preparing for two new accreditation visits. SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) will be visiting again and the Law School will also be applying for its full accreditation. After he was finished briefing the students on what to expect from FAMU he opened the floor for questions. A few student’s stepped up to the plate to address issues they had been having. I was really impressed with one student Paulethia Bryant, she stepped to the plate and was really lobbying hard and advocating for the women of Cropper Hall who are having some issues with housing. I think she’s running for Freshman Attendant as well she would definitely have my vote. I also got the chance to pose a question, and it was well received. Overall, the President’s Forum was a really great event and I hope to see new rattlers at the next one!

Good News: FAMU is launching its new website during homecoming!!! Promised to be packed full of new and exciting updates and features!


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