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Did Someone Say Free Stuff?

Posted by thelense on Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Like any rattler worth his weight I am always up for some free stuff. Which is why I get rather excited when its campaign season around campus. I had a test in one of my classes that I finished kinda early, so it gave me a lot of time to kill on the set. So in the midst of my studying over some notes for another test that day, I was chilling on the set minding my business when I saw a table being set up. Next thing I know ice cream was being loaded onto said table. Now its never good to be the first in line for free stuff so I continued studying trying to act like I wasn’t interested. I realized that the free ice cream was coming from a freshman girl running for something (I def should have remembered). At any rate, I finished studying and got in line for the free ice cream and I must admit it was good or it could have been that I hadn’t ate anything all day long. So im walking around enjoying my ice cream and getting harassed by upperclassmen who thought I was a free loader (hey if its free and they are offering it why turn it down). Something told me to look down at my watch and I realized I was 2 minutes late for class. So I ran from the set so I could take my last test of the day.

Thank you freshman girl whoever you are for making my day with your free icecream. Hope ya win!

3 Responses to “Did Someone Say Free Stuff?”

  1. Loren said

    LOL @ some freshman girl running for something……….

  2. CerealKilla said

    Wow…I miss this ish—I tried to leave class asap, after my friend sent me text “ICE CREAM ON THE SET!” but I didnt make it : (
    and vote for WHO!!? No one is gona remember those ghetto names she just blurted out!

  3. tesa said

    y is that boy being picky when its free! lol

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