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The Return.. My First Post

Posted by thelense on Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well…. I doubt I have many readers and or viewers at this point. But this is my first blog post in about say 3 years? I started a blog my senior year in high school but due to time and circumstance it didnt make it out of that era. But now im back, with a new camcorder (WOO HOO), and ready to bring my perspective to the blog world. Most of my posts will feature random and unique things that can ONLY happen on my campus (FAMU), but i’ll also be delving into entertainment, politics, and world events. If it happens ill most likely give my spin on it. And if i’m lucky enough to have my camcorder there well, Thats even better! Well thanks for stopping by, and hope ya enjoy the ride! The lense is on!


One Response to “The Return.. My First Post”

  1. CerealKilla said

    The “lense is on”? Really?
    lol Will that be the famous line of it all?

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