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Soul Train Spotting!

Posted by thelense on Saturday, September 20, 2008

Few things make me happier than finding or seeing anything relating to university snack man “Soul Train”, And for those of you who don’t know “Soul Train” is the campus snack man who is as famous as well the marching 100 if not more famous. Me and my compadre nykon ordained him our father our freshman year and he’s been the light to our path ever since. This is a vid made by the FAMU que’s and its real funny, and of course soultrain pops in at the end! Christmas came early! (Soultrain comes in at 2:30)

Support your local university snack man!!! Wait, only FAMU has one!!!!!

Thanks for the tip Nykon!


2 Responses to “Soul Train Spotting!”

  1. Loren said

    i couldnt understand anything they were saying for the first minute.


  2. Ashley said

    I love soultrain!!!
    haha little boy drink vs. big boy drink

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