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Set Friday – Lip Bite?

Posted by thelense on Saturday, September 20, 2008

There is this song that plays a lot on FAMU campus, and its one of the dopest songs I have heard this semester, it really gets everyone in the dancing mood. Unfortunately I dont know the name of it so I can only enjoy it when im on campus. Today the DJ played it and it has its own little dance that goes to it. The song goes “lip bite” atleast I think it does? But yeah as usual the dancers started jukin to it and I was there to record. I think the dance is called the “JIG” but im not sure.

Update: Apparently the name of the song is Lip Biting Animal, I gotta wonder though where was all these tips when I was trying to find out the name of the song for the last 2 weeks. Sigh


2 Responses to “Set Friday – Lip Bite?”

  1. Loren said

    I have no idea and I EVEN googled it!

  2. Ashley said

    Maybe I need to start going to set friday !!

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