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Across The Tracks

Posted by thelense on Saturday, September 20, 2008

Woke up this morning hungry as usual so I decided to go out for food. Becuz I live on the “other side of town” I have to go to the ATM located near FSU campus to take out cash. This morning happened to be game day for FSU so there were lots of people in garnet and gold. I got bored so I decided to film it as I waited to use the atm.

Note: The white car at the end of the video parked in the middle of the road preventing me from leaving for about 4 minutes. I tell ya the nerve of some people!

Does anyone know why white people like sandals (flip flops) so much?


2 Responses to “Across The Tracks”

  1. Loren said

    white people and flip flops. i dont know but it must be the white in me…i wear them even in winter.

  2. Ashley said

    idk about you but i love flip flops !!
    even on boys =)

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